Holland America Flower Gardens


 Benno and Klazina Dobbe

Benno and Klazina Dobbe, founders
of Holland America Bulb Farms, Inc.,
immigrated to the United States in
1980 with their three young children.
They discovered beautiful Woodland,
Washington was the perfect location
to establish their bulb farm. They
started growing and importing tulips,
daffodils, irises, and lilies.



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While starting with a small operation, Benno's vision has always been

"With quality the sky is the limit"

 This philosophy has guided him to the present time, where the company has an international presence, importing bulbs mainly from the Netherlands and growing flowers in Woodland and California. A strong resolve to continually improve the business, lead by example and focus on quality over quantity keeps Holland America strong, innovative and at the top of its game, even during a recession. - Vancouver Business Journal, June 2009.


Today Benno and family operate several international companies:

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Holland America Bulb Farms, Inc., Woodland, WA The headquarters of operations for all related entities of Holland America Bulb Farms, Inc. is located in Woodland Washington. Dobbe Farms, LLC is importing the best quality bulbs, such as lilies, tulips and iris, from the most reliable suppliers in the Netherlands. Dobbe Farms is also growing premium cut flowers such as tulips, peonies and other seasonal crops as well as growing tulips and iris for the bulb production at the farm in Woodland Washington. These products are sold through Holland America Bulb Farms in Washington as well as coordinated sales through Holland America Flowers in California. Please take a moment to see our video on the whole process from digging up the bulbs all the way to beautiful cut flowers.

Holland America Flowers

Holland America Flowers, LLC, Nipomo, CA This flower producing company, located on the coast of Central California, provides the unique micro climate to grow the highest quality flowers possible, in particular year round crops such as lilies, snapdragons, lisianthus, iris, freesias, and other specialty crops. It is at this location that the flowers and greens harvested in all related entities are combined to create unique and bold bouquets, which are shipped daily to customers througout the USA.

Holland America Greeneries, LLC, Woodland, WA A ‘one stop’ shop for fresh cut greens. Woodland Washington is centrally located for the best cut greens that the Pacific Northwest has to offer, such as Salal, Bear Grass, Huckleberry, and Evergreens. Excellent quality is shipped to customers throughout the United States as well as overseas.

Holland America Flower Gardens, LLC, Woodland WA This florist entity is a perfect outlet servicing cut flowers, gifts, and flower bulbs year round to the local community as well as tourists visiting the area, specifically during the annual "Tulip Festival" in April. This business is also a great retailer for the instant gardening program of top quality bulbs planted in decorative garden pots and grown to the point of blooming. This unique method creates a perfect instant garden for any patio, terrace, or landscape with flowers such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, and other spring blooming bulbs.

Instant Gardenign

Holland America Instant Gardening, Woodland, WA Many people think about flowering bulbs in the spring when they bloom. Normally these bulbs need to be planted in the fall. However, for the busy garden lovers, we offer a perfect alternative. We plant them for you, force them, and make sure they bloom just in time for spring. This allows you to take the pots home and enjoy the results without all that work and time. These flowering pots may be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.


The Dobbe Family along with the company staff invite you to join us in April to celebrate the coming of Spring at our annual Woodland Tulip Festival


For more information on Woodland and surrounding areas, see www.lewisriver.com.