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Previous Tulip Fest Art Contest Winners

Thank you to all the wonderful artists who have entered our annual art contest. 

2012 Winner

Print Contest Winner 2013

 2012 Tulip Fest Art Contest Winner Craig Strand from Battle Ground, WA

2011 winners!

2011 Tulip Fest Art Winner

 2011 Tulip Fest Art Contest Winner Diana Borgstedt from Portland, Oregon

2011 Tulip Fest Art Winners

 2011 Art Contest Top Three Prize Winners, left to right 2nd prize winner Mary Ann Dawkins, 1st prize winner Diana Borgstedt, 3rd prize winner Craig Strand


2010 Winners!


Winner of this years art contest is Patricia Laird from Battle Ground with a water color painting, featuring an old chair with a bird and tulips.

Second place went to Craig Strand from Craig Strand Photography


 Third place winner was Megan Richards

All the winners posed with Benno Dobbe on April 03, 2010


Past winners listed below

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Tulip Festival Print 2008

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2005 Tulip Fest Print

Winner Carol Boudreau 2005

Winner Tulip Festival Print 2004

2004 Painted by Klazina Dobbe (artist not pictured)