Holland America Flower Gardens


Can you imagine planting your tulip bulbs in the fall and waiting until spring only to find out the bulbs didn’t produce a flower?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you felt secure that all your hard work resulted in beautiful flowers?  We are so confident in the results of our product that we don’t need to offer a guarantee.   


Our goal is to perfect tulip bulbs so they produce the best possible results next season.  The harvesting process, handling, and optimal storage conditions of these tulip bulbs is not only beneficial to our customers, but is of vital economical importance to our own business.   The better we take care of our tulip bulbs the better results for our next growing season.  This treatment is the same for both our retail customers as well as our own business.   


Bigger, Stronger, Healthier Flowers 



We harvest bulbs every year to separate them into different sizes, store them in perfect temperature and well ventilated controlled rooms, and clean and throw out poor quality bulbs.   


Bigger Bulb Size Matters -You probably know that bigger usually means better, but here’s why with tulip bulbs. Separating the bigger bulbs from the smaller ones is crucial because every grade or size has a different purpose for the following growing season.  

  • The smallest bulbs are planted for production only, meaning the bulbs will grow bigger by the following year’s harvest.   
  • The middle size bulbs are used for planting stock as well as cut flower production. 
  • The largest sizes are best used for cut flower production and for show in ones garden.   

The bigger size tulip bulbs produce the largest flowers because they contain more food and energy to grow a taller plant and a larger flower. 


Stronger Because We Baby Them - From the time our bulbs are harvested we store them in the very best climate controlled rooms, 24 hours a day, until the day we plant, sell, or ship them.  This makes a big difference in the performance of the bulbs for the next flower growing season.  The climate controlled period of perfect temperatures, ventilation, and humidity control is the main reason our bulbs do so well. 


Healthier Flowers by Preventing Diseases - Cleaning and throwing out poor quality bulbs is the first step to prevent diseases from spreading amongst the bulbs and in the soil.  Next drying the bulbs within 24 to 36 hours after harvesting them is absolutely essential to avoid mold and/or other diseases.  Finally, proper ventilation during the storage period is a crucial ingredient to prevent mold from creeping into the bulbs. 


Are you beginning to see the reasons why our superior quality tulip bulbs are worth buying over others?  Still not convinced?   We welcome you to visit us during our annual Woodland Tulip Festival in the spring and see the results for yourself. The same bulbs we sell to the public are the bulbs used in our spectacular display gardens and show fields.  Along with that we treat the public to 50 acres of breathtaking tulip fields to enjoy the celebration of spring. 


Superior Quality Tulip Bulbs at Affordable Prices 


We, at Holland America Bulb Farms want to share the love of our favorite spring tulips and recognize that repeat business happens with complete satisfaction with our bulbs year after year.  Along with the superior quality we offer tulip bulbs at affordable prices because our processes are efficient and we accept a lower profit margin then our competitors.   


Now is there any reason why your garden shouldn’t be the talk of the block next spring?