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Planting Instructions

The best time to plant bulbs is from Mid-September to Mid-November. Bulbs should be kept in a well ventilated, dry place before planting. Bulbs like to reside in sandy soil for it’s good drainage. This keeps the bulbs from suffocating. Spacing between the bulbs is the gardener’s choice but we recommend planting at least a bulb length apart. Planting in clusters is the most effective and pleasing to the eye. There should be 5 to 7 inches of soil on top of the tulip bulbs. The general rule for other bulb varieties for depth is 3 times the bulb size.

Re-planting Tulip Bulbs

For best results, tulip bulbs like to be replanted every year. After the foliage dies off, around Mid-June, dig up the bulbs. Remove the smaller bulbs from the big bulbs and throw them out. Store the big bulbs in a well ventilated, cool, and dry place. Replant the bulbs in the fall and enjoy them again the following spring.

Flowers in Garden


This natural process occurs when bulbs return year after year with very little care. It works best with Daffodils, Muscari, Iris, Scillas, Sparaxis, and Darwin Hybrid Tulips.

Cut Tulip Tip

Did you know that tulips keep growing once they are cut from the fields? That’s right, once they are put in a vase they will continue to grow. The average vase life for cut tulips is 5 to 8 days. In order to enhance the vase life, cut stems at an angle before putting tulips in a vase and add water on a daily basis.  Cutting Tulips

More info

Find more consumer information as to how to best take care of tulips at www.tulip-info.com. Visit www.liliuminfo.com for consumer information on lilies. Sites for other varieties will be launched soon, we will keep you updated.