Holland America Flower Gardens


Vendor's Market

Our vendors are different and unique every year, and are all local artists and businesses from the Washington/Oregon area. We will also have a Jumping House for children. Here are some of the vendors we will be having this year:

Both Weekends:

1. David Ullom-Kelso Cool Scoops: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

2. Olivers Gourmet Olives: Pickled garlic & veggies, hand-stuffed olives, and cocktail mixes. See www.oliversgourmet.net for photos.

3. Brevin's Solid Gold Fudge: Over 40 flavors of Fudge, 7oz bars, individually wrapped. Visit www.brevins.com for more info.

4. Victor Henrie: OMG Olive Oils & Vinegers- Cooking oils, Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils, also see www.omgoliveoils.com

5. Lewis River Honey: Raw honey, bee pollen, wax

6. Noah Starer: Hand built ceramics, vases & pots.

7. David Bantz: HeSellsTheseShells: Hazelnut shells & Squirell food

8. Elizabeth Cole: EJ's Jewelry-Hand made jewelry, earrings, anklets, bracelets. etc. Also see ejshandmade@outlook.com

9. Alan Chimenti: Alan Cosmic Arts. Spray paint art with live demos

10. Nancy Almand: Blue Moon Crafted Creations-Mixed Media, also see www.bluemooncrafted.com

11. Nicole Farrell-Stargazer Soaps: Handmade soaps, lotions, lip balm, etc

12. Debra Beard: Jewelry & Photo Cards, also see www.semi-preciousstonejewelry.com

13. Sherry Lamb: Wind Chimes/Bird Feeders

14. Nanette: Face Painting

15. Pat Wilson: Singing

16. Nine Acre Enterprises: Photography

17. Dream Creations: Marshmallow shooters, garden art, lampwork

20. Murphy's Mustard: Jim Chiappetta

April 12th & 13th:

1. Kathy Nelson-Fused glass dishes

2. Sherry Lamb: Wind Chimes & Bird Feeders

3. Sandy Fuchter-Dutch Stroopwafels, Speokok Cake (fresh)

4. Angie Smith: Angies Photos, Nature Photography. Also see www.angiesmithsphotos.com

5. Vancouver Toffee

6. American Concessions: Kettle Corn & Drinks

7. Christina M. Gray & Katherine Kist: Oil Paint, Achrylic Paint, Beading

April 19th & 20th:

1. Gerry Strong: Etched Glass, mugs, wine, cups, photos, jewelry, copper.

2. Fish People: Pre-Packaged meals

3. Mike Mitchell: Hanging Gardens

4. Shannon Maus: Planters & Plants

5. April Galbraith: Hand made soaps and bath items

6. Corrine Cox: Recycled Art

Vendors Tulip Festival