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The Story of the"Woodland" Tulip


The "Woodland" tulip was hybridized by a Dutch company, named Tulip Flower Metzlawier some 25 years ago. Creating a new commercial tulip takes a number of years. First it takes a 5-7 years for the first flower to be produced from seed, then it takes many years before enough bulbs are developed for sales to the market.

Several years ago, Nord Lommerse Flower Bulb Company, a Dutch flower bulb company, bought the exclusive rights to this new tulip. While visiting Siem de Wit and brothers Wim and Jan Prins during a visit to The Netherlands in February 2004, Benno Dobbe, owner of Holland America Bulb Farms in Woodland, WA, discovered this beautiful tulip. When asked by the owners to state his opinion of the tulip, Benno Dobbe gave the following description: 

"The tulip has a rare reddish pink color which indicates it is a mix of a red and deep pink in hybridization. It is a nice length, well formed flower, nice leaves, good stem ... an all around good quality tulip."

The owners informed Benno Dobbe that the Woodland tulip has two excellent and very strong parents, "Prominence" (red) and "Don Quichotte" (deep pink). When asked the name of this new variety, the owners told Benno Dobbe that it was, until then, unnamed and they gave the honor of naming this new variety to Benno Dobbe. He decided to name the tulip "Woodland" after his home town for the last 25+ years, Woodland, WA.

In March 2005 the "Woodland" tulip was presented to the world flower industry at the Lentetuin Bulb Show in Breezand, The Netherlands, where Benno was born and raised. Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands did the opening ceremony. During this most popular show the -still unnamed - "Woodland" tulip received very high marks!

And on April 16, 2005 - at the Woodland Tulip Festival - the official christening ceremony was held for the naming of the "Woodland" tulip. Those in attendance were Woodland’s Mayor, Doug Monge, Erik Lommerse from Holland, representing the Nord Lommerse Flower Bulb Group, Kees Prins from Washington, representing brothers Wim and Jan, part owners of the exclusive rights to the tulip, and numerous of festival visitors from Woodland and surrounding communities. The actual official naming by Benno Dobbe and christening by Doug Monge was on a popular radio station, Bicoastal Media LLC from Longview/Kelso. 

Benno and Klazina Dobbe immigrated to the United States with their three children Nicolette, Ben and Stefan, in July 1980. A celebration in honor of their 25-year anniversary of this event was held in 2005 with many friends at the Holland America Bulb Farms in Woodland, WA. As by coincidence the popular flower and bulb show in the Netherlands, The Lentetuin, also celebrated her 25-year anniversary in the same year.

The "Woodland" tulip has become an instant success, a favorite in this area, not only for its name, but also for its unmistakable beauty. The tulip is available in flaming, vibrant bloom in our "Instant Gardening" Pots at the Woodland Tulip Festival. Visitors may also purchase bouquets of cut tulips and order bulbs, of this very special variety, for fall planting. Because of the Centennial Celebration of the City of Woodland the Dobbe’s donated 100 "Instant Gardening" Pots of the "Woodland" tulip to the city in 2006, which have been appropriately displayed around the downtown area.

Woodland Tulip